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Do you have a Mindful Dog Walk

Dog walks are more than just physical exercise. They offer an opportunity for us to deepen our bond with our furry companions, foster their emotional well-being, and explore the world together. By incorporating mindfulness into our dog walks, we can enhance these...

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November?

Why are some dogs scared of fireworks and some dogs not? If their exposure to fireworks when they were puppies was a positive one they are less likely to react badly when they get older. Fireworks are unpredictable - Guy Fawkes night is just another night for your...

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What’s your dogs Carbon Pawprint?

Photo by Kabo on UnsplashDogs have always been raised on a meat rich diet, but does that need to change due to the large Carbon footprint that this creates? The pet food industry in the US is worth over $42 billions a year and is expected to grow to $44billion by the...

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