Our Mission

At Mindfulness4Dogs, our mission is to achieve success through enhancing the connection and communication between dogs and their owners. We are committed to providing accessible, effective, and compassionate dog training services, along with valuable resources, to empower dog owners to build deeper connections and understanding with their canine companions. Our focus is on creating a world where every dog and owner can experience a life enriched by mindfulness and joyful companionship.

Darran Rowe

Darran Rowe - Mindfulness4dogs - Canine Behaviourist - Dog Trainer

Canine Behaviourist

Papia Rowe

Papia Rowe - Mindfulness4dogs - Lead Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Tonka Watson

Carla van der Nest - Dog Trainer (Mindfulness4dogs)

Dog Trainer

Carla Van der Nest

Carla van der Nest - Dog Trainer (Mindfulness4dogs)

Dog Trainer

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