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“Darran Rowe​ is a teacher. He was teaching kids, while dreaming of turning his dog teaching skills into a business. It all seemed Mission Impossible. Then he teamed up with business mentor Sarah Imeson​. Now Rowe is as happy as a labrador with a bag of doggie treats, running a full-time business looking to take on new trainers, his wife Papia is on board, and they are eyeing the lucrative Auckland market.” –


Canine behaviourist Darran Rowe told the AM show the law has provoked submissions against the changes from around two-thirds of dog owners in Waikato.” – Molly Swift – 29/03/2022 (News Hub)


“An expert in dog training and canine behaviour says parents need to create clear boundaries between their dogs and babies, and prepare well before their new arrival shows up.” –

A Waikato dog trainer is urging people to be tolerant of barking dogs over the coming weeks as the pampered pooches may be suffering separation anxiety. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has set out the guidelines for Alert Level 2 and pets can expect to see far less of their owners.” –

“Waikato dog trainer Darran Rowe believes people should consider what best aligns with their ethics before choosing how to train your pet. There is currently an online petition which has gathered over 17,000 signatures to stop controversial American dog trainer Jeff Gellman coming to New Zealand.” –


A five-year-old dog is helping to bring out amazing conversations from rest home residents who wouldn’t normally speak.  Ginger, the Irish Setter, has a knack for being able to get people to open up, says owner Darran Rowe who takes her to the Te Ata Rest Home, in Te Awamutu, once a month.” –

“A canine behaviorist is hoping to reduce the merry-go-round of rehoming rescue dogs by introducing them to mindfulness.” –

“They’re trusty workers on farms across the country, loved companions and considered part of the family for many New Zealanders, but how much is known about how we communicate with our canine friends? A New Zealand dog behaviourist says a new international study goes some way to giving us some answers, and opens the discussion on whether dogs can actually read our thoughts..” – Angie Skerrett 24/10/2018 – News Hub


What do you do?

“Most people think that dog training is all about dogs, but a dog’s behaviour is really dependent on the relationship between the dog and the owner. A lot of what I do could be seen as counselling owners through their fears as well as suggesting alternative behaviours for their dogs.

“I provide advice over the telephone, run one-to-one behavioural sessions, run group classes, and speak at vet-run puppy socialisation classes.”

Darran Rowe is a great believer in synchronicity and circumstances.

So, when he started chatting to a guy at a garage, and the conversation somehow turned to his experience using a business mentor, Darran’s interest was piqued.

At the time, he had just re-branded his dog training business – Mindfulness4Dogs – and was looking at ways he could increase his practical and online profile and further grow his business.”