Emotional muscle memory can affect behaviour

These are trouble areas that are the most common for holding tension, and the numbers are the suggested order for working on these.

The joints (shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, wrist, etc.) are all areas that need special attention, but need less pressure than areas with muscle.

Massage softly around all the joints to bring blood, oxygen, and nutrients to these areas that need it most.

1. upper neck area 2. lower neck area, above chest 3.
withers 4. below withers 5. shoulder 6. loin 7. hip

Mindfulness4dogs® collar hold

The way we hold a dogs collar can have a massive effect on the resulting behaviour our dogs display.

By holding the collar the way shown opposite we not only have full control of the dog but we can also help to de-escalate excitement, which could otherwise create a negative response and an unwanted behavioural response.

Remember to keep this touch on the collar during the massage process as much as you can. Maintain very light pressure on the neck.

Clearing the static at the beginning and end

Using both hand in a flat position, sweep from the head to the tail along the side of the body down to the back legs.

And then from the neck to the front legs. Remember to extend each sweep to the floor. Repeat each sweep 3 times, before and after the massage.

Mindfulness4dogs® paw pressure

Place your thumb just above the wrist joint, where you’ll find a small dip. Carefully apply a very small amount of pressure at this point and very slowly move your thumb in a in a curcular fashion in the same place.

Sometimes dogs will relax when this is done clockwise, other times it will stimulate them. Every dog is different so experiment with directipon. Ensure only one rotation every 5-6 seconds, no faster.

Using the front hand spiral massage technique

Using a spiral action gentle use the four fingers to massage the body. Ensure that the palm of your hand is placed on the body. You should only move your fingers tips.  You can do this in the same spot or move randomly throughout the body.

At the start try moving along the side from head to tail. This is soft tissue massage so use only light pressure.

Releasing tension from the ears

Using your two thumbs and forefingers to slowly massage the ears. Start at the base of the ear and move up to the tip.

Press very gently during this exercise as the ears are very sensitive

Using the back hand spiral massage technique

You may find that your dog is particularly sensitive when you massage certain areas. These are normally the muzzle the feet and sometimes the back quarter.

You can use the back of the hand to desensitise these areas. Use spiral movements. Using the back of the hand is less stimulating and therefore more easily tolerated.

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