Terms of Course Attendance for Basic Bowlingo programs


    • Your dog must be up to date with their vaccination and worming to attend this course, please check with your vet if you are unsure before booking.
    • For Puppy Basic Bowlingo your puppy must be younger than 8 months but had their final vaccinations (Normally around 16 weeks).
    • For Adult Dog Basic Bowlingo your dog must be over 8 months old.
    • Only one handler to attend.
    • Your dog must be sociable with other dogs.
    • Dogs that bark excessively in a group class environment are not suitable to attend this class as this means that other handlers won’t be able to hear instructions and the excessive barking can cause anxiety with other dogs. If this should happen, we will, unfortunately, have to ask you to leave and you will forfeit the cost of your place as we will not be able to offer that place to anyone else. If you feel that this may be an issue for you and your dog, please do contact us to book a Bowlingo Ability and Readiness session. In this 1-on-1 private session we assess your dog and, if required, discuss what support and guidance can be provided to enable your doggo to be ready to attend one of our Bowlingo™ programs.
    •  The first lesson in the program is a compulsory orientation lesson where we work without any dogs present and focus on understanding and practising the mechanics of effective communication and preparing for the learning that will follow.
      • If you find you are unable to attend the orientation session, then you will not be able to join the course for the remaining sessions. A penalty fee will be charged and you will need to transfer to another class. Please note: penalty fees are charged as we can no longer sell that, now vacant, spot to someone else after the course has begun. Please view our cancellation policy on our website for more details. It is important that you arrive at least 5 minutes early (preferably 10-15 minutes early). This is especially important for the sessions involving your dog. This allows all dogs to settle into the new environment before the session formally starts.
    • Late arrivals are not catered for. Late arrivals would not only disrupt the lesson, but also unsettle the dogs and clients that have arrived on time, and the lesson would have to be halted to allow for these dogs to be resettled along with the late arriving dog — who is likely to take longer to calm down in the new environment. Due to the above and to ensure the safety and security of all attending, the doors will be closed and locked at the start of each training session and will not be opened until the end of the session.
    • If you feel that you cannot make it on time to the class, you will need to make other arrangements.
      • A penalty fee will be charged and you will need to transfer to another class
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