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Preparing everyone else for a puppy

Getting a puppy is a very exciting, from when you choose your puppy to collection day! However, in the excitement we tend to overlook the implications our new addition will have on the home environment. Sometimes when we consider getting a second dog, we can forget to...

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New Puppy Preparations

Things must be getting busy at Penteronda Border Collies, with both litters getting big now. Where has the time gone? it feels like only yesterday, they were just little babies huddled close to mum, opposed to these big balls of fluff roaming around and causing...

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There’s another puppy coming home!

Confirmation has been given that there will be a new puppy on the block very soon, joining the Mindfulness4Dogs team! On the 7th August 2021, Myself and Daniel confirmed the new addition to our family, and the Mindfulness4dogs team. A handsome little red and white...

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Why do some dogs hate you and others don’t?

why do some dogs hate you and others don't? Are you a jogger, have you ever wondered why some dogs bark at you when you run past and others just ignore you? That's just what Flynny from MoreFM asked me on their drive time show.

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