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As a Canine Behaviourist, I are able to look at the problems from all angles and create the best dog training program for positively transforming your dog’s behaviour. We can help you to solve the more scary dog behavioural issues such as your dog barking and growling at another dog while on and off lead or even worse your dog showing aggression towards other people, children or live-stock and cats, or show signs of anxiety when you leave the house. I can teach you to understand what your dog is saying to you and more importantly what you are actually saying to your dog. We can then negotiate a better way to communicate and build mutual trust and respect.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an adolescent teenager or a senior citizen, we can help them to become a more relaxed and balanced companion through our mindful and force-free methods.

During the initial consultation lasting 60-90 minutes , I will gain a greater understanding of the training issues you and your dog are facing. We can then recommend the best training program for you and your dog. All evaluations are held at our training centre in Cambridge when aggression or reactivity is involved.

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Behavioural Consultation - Mindfulness4dogs

Highly recommend Mindfulness4Dogs. Darran has provided knowledge and techniques to help manage my very anxious dog Tex – ranging right through from stress relief via massage and recognising body language cues, to simple training commands on and off the lead. He really shows a great calmness towards and understanding of [wo]man’s best friend.

Sarah Carty

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