Four lessons, each one hour long

Price : $149.95

Babytalk is just as important to puppy development as it is to our own children’s development in the development of effective communication and social relationships.  We combine tone, emotion and timing in the use our words and gestures to build the basic pathways between our own young and ourselves.

Our puppies need the same level of support to set up the foundations that they need to learn the doggo lingo that we can also use to communicate with each other.  To talk Bowlingo™ successfully, we need to start them with Babytalk Bowlingo™.

In this four-session program we help our puppies understand the human environment that surrounds them, using the senses that they make most use of – sight, touch and sound and smell.  We bridge the gap between the unknown potentially scarey human surroundings with the known and comforting world of the puppy through our BabyTalk Bowlingo™ program. 

Just a quick recap of what we believe about training a dog and what our Bowlingo programs are all about:

Communication is Key

Your dog does not speak English – obviously – and you do not speak dog. So the number one issue in dog training is communication. Our Bowlingo training programs teach you how to ‘speak’ your dog’s language – called Bowlingo – (which, interestingly, is 90% body language) and we help you to ‘attach’ english words to certain desired actions or tasks your dog needs to be able to live comfortably with you and your family – e.g. sit, stay, come, etc

Obedience is about Relationship

Even if you were Dr Dolittle and could perfectly communicate with your doggo, their obedience would still be down to the relationship that you have with them – and the context of the situation (i.e. why and when the command is given and what else is happening at the time). So, we help you to develop your relationship with your furry friend – i.e. for you to better understand them and for them to better understand you.

Have you read our Terms of Attendance?

  • Terms of Course Attendance
      • Your dog must have had their FIRST vaccination and worming to attend this course. You will need to bring your vaccination book with you at the first session.
      • For Baby Talk Bowlingo your puppy must be between 8 weeks and 14 weeks old at the beginning of the program.
      • Only one handler to attend.
      • Late arrivals are not catered for. Late arrivals would not only disrupt the lesson, but also unsettle the dogs and clients that have arrived on time, and the lesson would have to be halted to allow for these dogs to be resettled along with the late arriving dog — who is likely to take longer to calm down in the new environment. Due to the above and to ensure the safety and security of all attending, the doors will be closed and locked at the start of each training session and will not be opened until the end of the session.
      • If you feel that you cannot make it on time to the class, you will need to make other arrangements.
        • A penalty fee will be charged and you will need to transfer to another class.

    4 Lessons –  BabyTalk Bowlingo Programs (Puppies aged 8 weeks to 14 weeks)

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