Carla van der Nest


At present, I share my life with two darling but high drive working border Collies called Izzabella and Apollo. Being high drive and energy Collies, training is a must for our household. We actively train and compete in numerous dog sports including Agility, Obedience, Scent work and occasionally herding! These sports are fantastic opportunities for dogs to build handler focus, drive, and to have fun! 

I have a BSc (Tech) from the University of Waikato, double majoring in Psychology and Molecular Biology; where genetics and behavioural psychology were two of my main interests. My work experience and studies have driven my passion for helping our furry friends from multiple perspectives and I really look forward to helping you and your puppy have the best chance of success and fulfillment during our Preschool classes.



  • Veterinary laboratory technician working with GribblesIdexxSVS
  • Karen Pryor Foundation Training.
  • Karen Pryor Sport Dog Essentials.


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