Carla van der Nest


At present I share my life with a wonderful dog called “Izzabella”, Being a herding dog she’s has a super high energy drive. Which means training is a must. We compete in agility which gives her a fantastic way to focus and have fun. She also like to herd our cows when she’s allowed.

I have a BSc (Tech) from Waikato University. Majoring in Psychology and Molecular Biology. This course has given me a great introduction to behavioral psychology.

My work experience and studies have driven my passion for helping our furry friends from multiple angles and I really look forward to using to help give you and your puppy the best chance of success and fulfillment during our Preschool classes.



  • Veterinary laboratory technician working with GribblesIdexxSVS
  • Karen Pryor Foundation Training.
  • Karen Pryor Sport Dog Essentials.


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